Saturday, July 17, 2010

10 of the Con Artists' Favorite Ways to Scam the Elderly

Alternet/ By Anneli Rufus

The older we get, the more attractive we become, to fraudsters. Preying on those breakdowns that come with age, from hearing loss to loneliness, criminals tailor special scams with Seniors in mind.

Financial crimes against the elderly are rampant. Bank accounts are being quietly wiped out. Afraid, betrayed, blaming themselves for being fooled -- believe me, I've seen it -- victims hesitate to call the cops. For most of us, these crimes are scroll-over territory because seniors and what happens to them aren't sexy. Members of the elderly crowd having their purses snatched by phony plumbers or being convinced to buy shares in companies that don't exist? We don't want to go there. Fraudsters do. Maybe one of them is ringing your mother's doorbell right now.

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Alternet/ By Anneli Rufus

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