Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Outrageous Ways Your Phone Company May Be Stealing from You

Alternet / by David Rosen and Bruce Kushnick

A growing number of scams are being perpetrated on telephone and Internet customers. Think you can easily identify bogus charges on your bill? Good luck.

Cramming, slamming and ramming are three of a growing number of scams being perpetrated on unaware telephone, wireless and Internet customers.

In simplest terms, the major scams are defined as follows:

* Cramming is the illegal practice of placing unauthorized charges on your local, long-distance or wireless telephone bill, usually by a third party not known to the customer.

* Slamming is the illegal practice of switching a telephone customer’s long-distance service provider to another carrier without the customer’s permission.

These scams have been around for years but continue to be replayed on unwitting telephone customers. However, the newest scam, ramming, adds a new dimension to the game.

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Alternet / by David Rosen and Bruce Kushnick

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