Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ClickTrackProfit Hits A Milestone! by Jon Olson

by Jon Olson

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Click. Track.Profit!

We started this crazy program over a year ago. When it was launched it had most people scratching their heads, some people were super upset with us (and still are of course) but the majority were excited to see something new and refreshing in the industry…

We threw terms around like ‘drip feed marketing’, the splash page multiplex, downline passthru technology, referral maximizer…And again, more heads were being scratched. And then when we released the badges…Oh wow, that really got people talking didn’t it? And then we introduced Nerd Surfing, the Tokens, Batteries, Magic Wands, Game Cards, Trophies…The gamification of ‘internet marketing’ became a reality.

30,000 member later, ClickTrackProfit is as strong as ever and the numbers don’t lie, it’s become a huge success. This is one of those programs that didn’t have a big launch, as it was launched within the TE Live community and to this day gets very little support from certain owners in the business…

Yet, it grows. And the members love it. And the training continues to be unique and effective. Amazing what happens when you put people first. We are so happy about the past year but even more excited about the future. The past week we started the Awesome Sauce Referral Contest with the other guys in Nerd Surf and the numbers have been ‘awesome’ to say the least…And we are just getting started.

Even though we have added so much to the program we still remain committed to keeping things super simple and that’s what makes this program so effective. Click. Track. Profit. 1-2-3. Thank you for all your support and all your trust in our company and the CTP way of doing things. We are honored and so thankful you have shown the industry that you can have fun, learn and make money all at the same time.

Have a great week!

To your success.

Barb :)

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