Tuesday, August 7, 2012

When $1000 In Cash Is Really $1000 In Cash

by Jon Olson
Hit Exchange News

It’s no secret, TimTech has been very focused on Sitizens and our new project to branch this business out into the rest of the internet. We truly believe we have found a perfect mix between traffic exchange and social game and we want the world to know about it. So we have tried a few things that most ‘internet marketers’ might be shocked at (especially our advertising budget) but we decided to do things different and instead of spending money on ‘typical’ advertising, we created a contest…..

Actually it’s 3 contests and they happen every week. The player who refers the most, gets a cash prize. The player that arrives at sites the most, get a cash prize. And finally the player that explores the most, get a cash prize as well.

Here’s the kicker….Cash prize.

Now I understand marketing and I understand that credits, upgrades and banner impressions have value but here’s a problem we have with it. You can say $1000 in cash and prizes and never have to really invest a penny. You see, as an owner of a traffic exchange you can fabricate banners, text ads and credits. They don’t really cost anything, so it looks really cool to say we’re giving away the farm when in fact, you don’t really have anything invested.

But then along comes a contest where people can win real cash and well…$1000 cash and $1000 cash & prizes look the same…

For the record, I have nothing against giving away upgrades and credits…Heck I think it’s brilliant on a business side of things especially if you are working with a limited budget…I guess I just want some more disclosure. If you are giving away 100 bucks cash and 900 bucks worth of prizes..Say there is $100 cash prize and 900 dollars worth of upgrades…That way the members get full disclosure and people know exactly what they are being rewarded with.

What do you think? Make sense? Or is Jon thinking too much into it….lol

Have a great day!

To your success.

Barb :)

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