Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Real Test, It’s Gut Check Time…

by Jon Olson Hit Exchange News

I woke up real early today so I’ve been able to get quite a bit of surfing in this morning. I like to see what other people are promoting, how they are promoting and what’s the latest ‘hype’ of the month in the industry. I guess it’s the surfer in me but what I found was quite alarming…

Sure there are new names in the business. There are thousands of new surfers coming online each and every week but there are a chunk of folks who have been in the business for over a year at least. It’s great that they are still personally branding themselves but what is amazing to me is that they are program hopping. Here’s the question I have to ask…

Are you in the same ‘opportunity’ you were this time last year? Today?


I’ve seen some ‘known’ names jump from program to program all year and haven’t really said anything about it because it just seemed to be accepted in this business. It’s like the cool thing to do, every time something new jumps up, hop on it! And then we sit and scratch our heads and wonder…Why God? Why can’t I make any money online…

Broken record starts to skip and replay right..About…Now!

Get in line and stay in line means simply this, if you expect results stick with things that have staying power. And then for the love of everything that is good in the world, don’t jump ship because of a new shiny object. Stay the course. And yes, I’ll say it…Evergreen products are the way to go to build sustainable, lifelong commissions.

Are you program hopping? Hey you are a grown adult, you can do what you want…Just please don’t come whining and complaining to us when you aren’t making any money next year.


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Have a great day!

To your success.

Barb :)

Barbara DelGiudice
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