Friday, March 15, 2013

The Core 5 – Your Guide To Evergreen Products

By My Good Friend Jon Olson Hit Exchange News.

Here’s a newsflash…We see people come and go all the time in this business.

They join the least and great business opportunity, put all their energy and money into it and then when they don’t get the results they thought they would…They quit. This is not rare, unfortunately, 99.9999% of the people I have met online seem to have gone through this…Heck I ever did when I got started. Why? What was I missing?

It’s no secret, but maybe we don’t talk about it enough. We need a solid foundation of products that we use (and recommend) as much in a year from now, as we do today.

We call these evergreen affiliate products and in my opinion the sure fire way to build LASTING and sustained results in this business. Simply put, marketers and professionals MUST use these programs for their businesses. Regardless of what opportunity they are going after. When you build residual income in these kind of programs you will build what you need to succeed for a lifetime! Let’s go over them…

1. Tracking Service – Everyone should be budgeting and if you aren’t you should start now. And when you do budget, it’s VERY important to know what works, what doesn’t, where you are pulling results from and not. Using a tracker is the ‘illumination’ you need to see how well your advertising is doing.

2. Splash Page Maker – Put simply, in the traffic exchange and mailer industry, the ads that POP get the best results. Quick, catchy and to the point. You need a splash / squeeze page for everything you do in this business.

3. Marketing Hub – A central place to build relationships, get training, learn the ropes and progress at your own speed. This was critical to my success when I first joined MPAM so many years ago, which morphed into me creating Affiliate Funnel and now with ClickTrackProfit. This was the ‘golden nugget’ for my success, becoming a member of these communities.

4. Auto-Responder – The money is in the list. That’s what they will hammer at you for years to come. I say the money is in the relationships and there is no better way to create that relationship than through your email contacts. Use this wisely and you will be blown away!

5. Hosting – Eventually, you will want to perhaps get into program ownership but if you are just getting started, I’ve got a cool little four letter word that will catapult your personal brand online…BLOG! And with your own hosting account you can install WordPress and build your brand easier than ever before.

The Core 5! These are the un-disputed must-have evergreen products that you should be involved in. Here’s another nugget…By referring people into these programs you build your long term affiliate commissions. People don’t leave these kind of programs, they stick with them for years and years. That seems to me like a pretty good investment in time and effort.

They aren’t sexy. They aren’t flashy. They are evergreen!

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