Tuesday, March 3, 2015

5 Ways To Become An Overnight Success In Internet Marketing

I’ve got some of the coolest, hottest tips for you to really crush it and become the ‘overnight success‘ that most of these online marketing programs pitch you. These are sure fire ways to sky rocket your success, are you ready? All these are true because yours truly has lived through each other them…

1. Go In Debt! – Not suggesting that you mortgage your house but here’s a little story from my ‘overnight success journey’. The year was 2005, and I knew all I wanted to do was work from home on my computer. I had bills coming out of my ears, student loans that needed to be paid, a young son that needed food in his belly, a 2001 Pontiac Montana that needed constant maintenance, and oh yeah, I needed to get to Charlotte, North Carolina in the middle of winter for an online seminar that I knew would change my life. Let’s just say, the debt increased substantially in those years for me. But my eyes were on the prize. I knew what I wanted and I never once looked back….

2. Want It More Than The Next Person – Above I mentioned that I had to get to an offline seminar in 2005. This changed my life, it truly did. I got to meet future business partners, it got me thinking of the big picture and how we could grow the traffic exchanges as an industry, and I rubbed shoulders with future and current millionaires. This seminar was in Charlotte, North Carolina…I was living in Saskatoon, Canada…I drove there. Google that length of a trip. I drove through 2 snow storms, slept in my minivan on the side of the highway but no matter what, I was getting to that seminar! Oh yeah, did I mention above about how I went into debt? So again, please tell me about all the sacrifices you have made in your business because you ‘really want to be a success‘?

3. Refused to Fall for the Slot Machine Marketing Approach – Internet marketers are a sneaky bunch. Look at the price point of some of these ‘opportunities’…They aren’t too expensive, they come and go all the time and that’s because they know, you are willing to invest a few bucks here and there for the ‘chance’ to make it big with one of them. Sneaky. I refused to do that (after I learned by pulling the handle a few times mind you). I focused. All I lived, breathed and ate was traffic exchanges. I had every ‘marketer’ in the world and the entire Warrior Forum telling me I was an idiot and I was wasting my time…I still focused. I still believed in my products. I didn’t listen to everyone telling me I couldn’t do it…I just did it!

4. Have Yearly Goals, Not 30 Days Or Less Pipe Dreams – Something that kills me and one of the reasons I wanted to do this blog post is that I hear it from time to time in the industry, someone is fed up with not seeing results after a certain amount of time. Problem is, that certain amount of time is usually about a month or two…Here’s a nugget – This stuff takes years! If you haven’t noticed yet, this blog post is showing you that it takes years to become an ‘overnight success story’. I know I know, there are the rare cares where someone strikes it rich by being lucky. I think luck follows those that show up everyday and do the little things over time. Hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are spending more than you are making (read above…) but if you are growing everyday, and your plans are for the long term…Success is there. I guarantee it!

5. Stop Listening To The Haters – You’d be surprised who is really going to ‘hate’ on your dreams. For me, not only was it people thumbing their nose at traffic exchanges but it was also close family and friends. Imagine having those closest to you, telling you daily that you were a failure and all this internet stuff was a joke. Yup, I had that in my ear every day when I was getting started. Safe to say, I didn’t listen to much of it. It hurt, God knows it hurt, but I knew this was my future. The best way I can suggest to deal with the haters in your life is to become your own ‘success’. People HATE when you stick out and do things your own way, mostly because they don’t have the courage to do it themselves. Much easier to point the fingers at someone that actually tries something than to look in the mirror and ask yourself what could I do better…

The theme of this blog post, as mentioned above, is that this stuff takes time. The quickest way to become a success in your online business is to show up every day and do it the right way. There will be pain, there will be money spent more than money made at the beginning, there will be sacrifices, there will be heart ache…

But there will be success. There will be so much of it and you will look back and enjoy every second of the journey. This is where the true wealth is in business, the journey…The people you meet, the lessons you learn, the relationships you build. Focus on that and then you can say ‘I’m an Overnight Success’ ;)

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