Friday, July 27, 2012

Passion Trumps Everything

by Jon Olson
Hit Exchange News

I have mentioned this before in numerous seminars and quite a few blogs posts over the years and while it may not be true for everyone, there is a little secret I think the world needs to hear more of in this day and age…

Passion trumps EVERYTHING!

It’s more important that skill. It’s more valuable that knowledge. It’s the BIG reason so many companies and people find success in business and in life…They aren’t driven by money, by fame or by accolades, they are driven by passion.

Unfortunately for most of the internet marketing world, this cannot be bottled and sold to the masses in some kind of ‘One Time Offer’ or downloadable ebook. Nope, this is something that comes from within.

What drives you? What is your reason for being in business for yourself?

Hey, I’m not naive enough to say ‘let’s all work for peanuts and for free’ but there has to be something so much more deeper than just a pay check. And you wanna know a secret…

The passion you put forth, if almost like a downpayment or investment in future earnings. That’s right, you CAN and WILL be paid very well for your passion but it cannot be the driving force.

Find your passion. Live it. Breathe it. And you will be awakened to a new sense of purpose. You will be driven by something that can never hold you back…

The sky is truly the limit! Live your passion!

Have a great weekend!

To your success.

Barb :)

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