Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Today Is Just A Sign Of Things To Come for Sitizens

by Jon Olson
Hit Exchange News

We are ‘slightly’ excited about the promotions we have been doing for Sitizens this week. As you guys and gals know, we launched the site a few days ago and we’ve been working hard every hour of every day to add new features, new cool trinkets and add a community feel to this site.

Everything has been working perfectly =)

In fact, today we’ve added a kick butt new chat system, and a bunch of new potions and spell to increase your experience in the game. Let’s just say, we’re just getting started…
Here’s the best part, as of writing this it’s 11:30am Eastern time…We’ve already had 262 new players join the game today ALONE and we are on pace for THE most active day the game has ever seen. Kings are being over thrown, new domains are being explored and added.

And Tim had to correct me today in the Sitizens chat…I mentioned that the bulk of these new players were from outside the traffic exchanges, and I made a statement that we were really building this ‘outside’ the industry…Here’s the beautiful part as Tim pointed out…Sitizens is EVERYWHERE!

That’s the real power of this program, it’s everywhere and not limited to any one niche…
P.S. Want some more goodies and expand your kingdom? Login to your ‘Castle‘ and Follow Sitizens on Twitter, Like it on Facebook and promote your referral link. You get +50 Kings for every new person you refer…

Have a great week!

To your success.
Barb :)

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